Have, or considering, a new “high-end” construction Project in Southwest Florida? If so, you are, or will be, paying considerably more for the work than you have to. Not "you might", you will.

What is an “Owner’s Representative”? Why should I hire NCHCC
to act as mine?

An “Owner’s Representative” is an independent, 3rd party that acts on behalf of the Owner to ensure their construction Project comes to fruition having met all of their needs.

The American Bar Association has acknowledged the “growing need for Project Advisory Services” and stated that “Given their central role on the Owner’s side of the Project table, Owner’s Representatives have a significant and direct impact on the success or failure of a project.”

With construction Projects, the probability of going over-budget is very high. Project delays and inconsistencies emerge that can result in serious conflicts, even legal challenges. Many Owners simply don’t have the time or expertise to deal with the technicalities of a construction Project. An Owner’s Representative is hired to help minimize the potential that such issues even arise and solve the problems when they do. They serve to advise the Owner and advocate for them over the course of the entire job.

Builders will offer Owners attractive, but often unrealistic, Proposals to try to win the work. They will propose to do your work on a “Cost-Plus-Fee” basis. Cost-Plus-Fee Contracts are appropriate for most “high-end” construction work. However, they shift all of the cost risk to the Owner, leaving them exposed in a market that exploits exactly that vulnerability.

With Cost-Plus Fee Contracts, who is ultimately responsible for ALL of the construction costs, whatever they end up being? You are. Left unchecked, poor Project cost management by your Builder alone will result in your total Project costs being at least at least 5% higher than they need to be. That is BEFORE the cost of any changes or upgrades.

The numbers that you’re presented are inaccurate from the outset. The first Preliminary Budgets/Estimates you receive are incomplete and inconsistent. Numbers are “spun”.  You might procure (2) or (3) Estimates from competing Builders. If they were all based on the same information, how can it be that the pricing varies so much? How can you discern from it to be able to make an informed decision at this – the most critical point in the process? YOU CAN’T, but NCHCC CAN. We specialize in reconciling the Pre-Contract Estimates you’re given – making them “apples-to-apples” so they can be objectively compared. 

Your risk may be mitigated once you’ve chosen a Builder, but it’s still there. After Contracting with a Builder, that risk is exposed because….