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Service fees are entirely dependent on the Scope of the Project, the point at which NCHCC becomes involved in the process and what information is available at that point

A complete set of Project plans may include (10) pages…or it may include (100) pages. A Project’s Budget may have (50) line items…or it may include (350) line items. The complexity of each custom Project can be gauged by the amount of information that needs to be generated to build it. The more information there is, the more time NCHCC needs to analyze it. The table below provides some pricing guidelines:

The higher the Project costs, the more value that NCHCC Services offer the Client. Considered against the costs the Client stands to save, NCHCC Service fees will typically more than pay for themselves. NCHCC offers their Clients value by providing them with accurate information, convenience and peace of mind that their Project costs are being monitored by a 3rd party that is connected to, but independent from, the inverted market.

The typical rate for Consulting Services is $150/hour. The rate may vary based on the complexity of the Project and/or if NCHCC is to be retained as the Owner’s Representative. Billable hours to include reasonable expenses and include travel to, and time spent at meetings (jobsite, offices of Others). NCHCC can be retained for á la carte services or for the duration of the Project (again, depending on when they are first brought to it) for an overall Fixed Fee to be quoted after an initial consultation and upon receipt of all the information available at the time.