Have, or considering a new “high-end” construction Project in Southwest Florida? If so, you are, or will be, paying considerably more for the work than you have to. Not "you might", you will.

  • NCHCC specializes in providing exclusive Project Cost Management Services on behalf of Owners, Investment Groups and Legal Trusts for their Residential Custom Home & Remodeling Projects
  • Engaging NCHCC in the process is easy! Simply direct your Architect or Builder to provide us with the latest information on your Project
  • NCHCC Services are practical. Cost savings mean they typically more-than- pay for themselves.
  • NCHCC Services are available “’a la carte”. You only pay for the Services that you need, when you need them.
  • Enjoy Convenience and Peace of Mind - Let us monitor and control your Project costs for you!

Why do you need NCHCC to provide independent 3rd-party oversight of your Project’s cost?

“Cost-Plus Fee” Contracts are appropriate for most “high-end” construction work. However, it’s the shift in risk they require that allows for the many problems you’ll have.

With Cost-Plus Fee Contracts, who is ultimately responsible for ALL of the construction costs, whatever they end up being? You are. Left unchecked, poor Project cost management by your Builder alone will result in your total Project costs being approximately 3-5% higher than they need to be. That is BEFORE the cost of any changes or upgrades.

Consider the cost ramifications to your Project, at the lesser 3%, against the cost of NCHCC managing your entire Project for you, from start to finish:

The numbers that you’re presented are inaccurate from the outset. The first Preliminary Budgets/Estimates you receive are incomplete and inconsistent. Numbers are “spun”. How can you know that the information you’re considering is valid? Then, Once Contracted…

  • your Project is to be built in the “inverted” SWFL market which dictates that premium costs be paid for all of the work to be done....
  • ...by a Builder who likely has higher-priority Projects...